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-Telepath RPG Chapter 1- -Telepath RPG Chapter 1-

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This game adds sooo much to the knowledge of flash game development, not only have you produced a great qaulity game but a great qaulity game with very little bugs and an interesting storyline. I can't wait to play chapter 2. Again being a developer myself great work mate you deserve it. Telepath another game to try if you havent already.

Myles Blasonato.

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MalTheDestroyer responds:

Thank you for the nice review! I appreciate it. And if you liked this game, I'm sure you'll like Chapter 2. :)

Hewitt Hewitt

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"A great achievement for a flash game"

All I really can say that's negative about this game is that the small bugs should be elimintated to really become commercial quality but apart from that everything about this game is excellent and the creators should give themselves a big pat on the back because this game is easily one of the best and most professional looking titles to ever be created with flash. A great achievement for not only the developers but the fans of flash awell. Good work guys I know this would of taken a while to create but you did it well. 2 thumbs up and I can't wait to see your future projects.

Myles Blasonato.

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Pico of the Dark Ages Pico of the Dark Ages

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

"I'm digging the new look"

At first having played the old Pico games, I thought this game wasn't going to work due to the original being a shooter. I was wrong this game felt like Pico even with the medievil twist to it. All I can say is, keep them coming. Awsome graphics, gamplay and sound make Pico of the Dark Ages one worth playing.

Myles Blasonato.